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Draft from our Conditions of Sale and supply

All our offers, contracts and deliveries are governed exclusively by the following Conditions of Sales and Supply.
Differing conditions of the Customer are not recognized, even where we do not specifically contradict the same.

Acceptance of orders:
All orders including those accepted by our agents shall not become binding upon us until confirmed by us in writing or by actual delivery. Since we obtain components or performances from a supplier (possibly abroad), we shall be entitled to withdraw from this contract if, through no fault of our own, the goods in question have not been received by us in the contracted quality within three months after the date upon which we were contractually obliged to deliver. The aforesaid shall apply inspite of having undertaken an adequate covering transaction and all reasonable measures to ensure the prior delivery.

If nothing is agreed to the contrary, ex-works including packing. We reserve the right to price adaptations (wage increases, materials cost increases, exchange rate fluctuations, etc. still unknown to us at the time of accepting the order). Prices stated are to be understood without VAT. VAT will be charged separately on the invoice.

If nothing is agreed to the contrary, within 10 days less 3 % trade discount or within 30 days net without deductions. Discount expenses shall be invoiced to the Customer. For payments not made in due time we shall invoice at 2 % above the official rate of discount. Payments made to agents are not admissible and shall not be deemed to satisfy the claim. Retention of payment or offset against any counter claims of the Customer whatsoever are excluded.


Liabillity for bad delivery:
For bad delivery including the absence of specifically assured properties, we shall be liable as follows with the exclusion of further claims:
All subject parts are, free of charge and according to our best judgement, to be either repaired or replaced by new delivery. Such parts are those which, within 12 months of the date of receipt by the Customer prove to be unusable or their use is significantly limited as a demonstrable result of circumstances preceding delivery, in particular due to poor quality of materials of faulty design. Recognition of such faults must be notified to us in writing without delay and include a sample from the consignment giving rise to the complaint. The right of the Customer to claims resulting from faults is deemed to have lapsed in all cases after 12 months commencing from the date of the complaint made in good time.
Discrepancies arising out of dispatch must be notified to us without delay following receipt of the goods, and be confirmed by the signature of the carrier's driver.

No liability can be accepted for delivered goods or parts thereof which, because of their material properties and nature of use suffer danage or premature wear as the result of fair wear and tear, when subjected to faulty or careless handling, excessive wear or to incorrect treatment.

Reservation of title:
The goods shall remain our property pending sull satisfaction of all current and future claims arising out of our business relationship with the Customer. Until this time the Customer shall be obliged to treat the goods of our property (goods in reservation) with all due care, to store them separately and to insure at his expense them against damage, destruction and accidental demise. The Customer shall not pledge said goods nor make them over as security. In the event of pledging or seizure or other disposal by a third party, the Customer shall inform
us thereof without delay. In the event of justifiable failure to observe the conditions of payment, the aforementioned obligations and unlawful disposal we shall be entitled to take the goods in reservation into our possession. Withdrawal from the contract in the event of transfer, enforcement of the reservation of title as well as pledging the subject goods by us shall only be if we specifically declare such withdrawal. Further claims are reserved.
Disposal of the goods in reservation is permissible only in proper trading. All claims of the Customer in respect of said goods in reservation from other disposal or claims arising from other legal grounds shall be assigned by the Customer in full to us. If the value of the assigned claims exceed our claims by more than 20 %we shall release the surplus securities. The Customer is entitled to collect the assigned claims in the ordinary course of proper business. On demand from us he shall, as soon as he is in breach of one of the aforementioned obligations, notify his debtors of said assignment. In this case we too shall be entitled to make such notification.
The entitlement of the Customer to sell the goods in reservation, moreover to collect the assigned claims becomes void if the conditions of payment are not observed, in the event of unlawful disposal, protests concerning bills or cheques as well as when bankruptcy proceedings are instituted against the Customer. In such cases we shall be entitled to immediately take into our possession the goods in reservation. Withdrawal from the contract in view of the take-over shall only be when we specifically declare so. Further claims are reserved.

Places of performance and jurisdiction:

  1. Place of performance shall be the location of Sieber & Co. GmbH.
  2. For all current and future claims arising out of the business relationship with fully qualified merchants including claims arising from a bill or cheque, the exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the location of Sieber & Co. GmbH.
  3. The same place of jurisdiction shall apply when the Customer has no general place of jurisdiction inGermany, after entering into the contract removes his domicile or habitual residence to a place abroad, or his domicile or habitual residence at the time of filing the action is unknown.


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